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We had another OB appointment, and another growth scan today. Both babies are looking great!

Baby A was measuring at 5lbs 2oz
Baby B was measuring at 5lbs 4oz

Holy smokes!!

I know these are just estimates that could be very wrong, but it is definitely encouraging.

Our surro texted me yesterday to tell me that things were feeling “close”. Well, at our OB appointment, the doc checked our surro’s cervix, and she was already 2cm dilated!

The doc said, “No way she makes it to May 1st,” and estimated that she could go into labor this week!! Yikes!

She didn’t seem too worried about it, but of course, we worry!

We’re hoping that she at least makes it to Saturday (which is 34 weeks exactly), but, we’ll see!

Our lawyer emailed today to say that she finally got the paperwork back from the fertility clinic, so that she can get a court date (now set for this Thursday) to acquire the Certified Judgement so that we can eventually get our permanent birth certificate (with our names on it!)

In lactation news, I keep producing more and more milk every day. I’m making at least 1.5oz every 3 hours (and more when I have to skip a session), and have already produced 11.9oz today, with one more pump to go!

So I just keep pumping, and keep waiting for anymore baby news!