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A lot has gone on since I last wrote a blog post!

First of all, we moved from our 1 bedroom apartment into a 2 bedroom condo. It is still about the same square footage, but is laid out much better; and there is actually a room for the babies! We have managed to move-in almost completely (J still has some stuff to sort out…ehem ;), but the babies’ room is pretty complete! We decorated 1 wall with girly/lady bug decals, and 1 wall with cute boy/animal decals. We have borrowed a changing table from our friend, and have it stocked with our current cloth diaper stash. (Yeah, we’re crazy). We also have the armoire I used as a child. So cute!

We also met with our lawyer to sign our Parentage Contract! The babies’ (secret) names were on the paperwork, which made it very real! We also got a notarized copy of the Power of Attorney, putting us in control of the babies’ care when they are born! Our lawyer also said she would type up a “Birth Plan” to give to our hospital, so that we can formalize our expectations of our children’s births. At our last OB appointment, the doc was shocked that we hadn’t met with the hospital’s Social Worker yet! Um…we didn’t know to do that! So the Social Worker is supposed to meet with us at our next appointment, next week. The hospital is supposedly familiar with gestational carriers, so I’m hoping things will go relatively smoothly! *fingers crossed*

My last day at work was last Friday! That’s right, I’m going to be a stay at home mom, at least for the first few years. Then we will re-evaluate whether I should go back full time/part time/on call or whatever will fit best with our future lives. The cost of day care for twins at the start is crazy! Plus, I really want to be home with them, especially at the start, especially after all the work we put in to getting them here!

And while we wait for the babies, I am now functioning as a full time pumper! My supply has definitely been increasing, and I am now pumping every 3 hours around the clock. Talk about preparing for newborns! I’m just glad to be done with work so I can take naps during the day! (I was not pumping this much prior to quitting my job, by the way! But it was still exhausting!)

I am getting between 1-1.5oz at each session, and got 9.4oz yesterday. So far I have about 100oz in the freezer! Hopefully my supply keeps on increasing! So far, I haven’t had any “sprays” yet, just dripping/drops, and I definitely get more with massaging.

I think I might be using too big a flange (24mm). I researched it with Dr. Google, and it seems that most of the time, gals are using too small of a flange, but I also tried the next size up (that came with the rest of my parts: 27mm) and that was even worse. I have ordered to 21mm flange, so hopefully that will get here soon so I can try it!. I’m hoping it will more effectively drain my breasts, without me having to massage them throughout the pumping session; my arms get tired!

Our surrogate is doing well; feeling much better now that she has stopped working! Babies are doing well, apparently kicking away. At our last OB visit, Baby A was still head down, which is good. I don’t think they have much room in there anymore.

We’re anticipating that they will be waiting until at least 34-35 weeks (April 20/27) to make their appearance, but we’re more than ok if they wait a little while longer! Our surro feels like they will come right around May 1st; sounds good to me!

Until then, we have to install the carseats, get our hospital bag ready, and write in their baby books, i.e. all fun stuff!

We’re getting very excited!