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Things have moved pretty quick this week!

Our appointment on Monday (29w3d) went pretty well. The babies are growing very well!  Baby A is estimated to weigh about 3lbs 3oz (56%), and Baby B about 3lbs 5oz (61%). Everything with the babies looks really good.

Our surro has been feeling more and more tired and had been having difficulty completing each day of work. It was decided that starting this week, she will be going off work completely. The doctor did another cervical exam, and said that the tissue is a little more softened and she could feel Baby A’s head! Yikes!

In all of this excitement, I decided now was the time to get started on the pumping!

We went to the closest hospital to our house and were able to rent a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump. They showed us how everything works, sold us our kit, and we took it home and I took it for a test spin.

It hurt, but definitely improved when I got myself some nipple butter to lubricate my skin from the plastic flanges. I was able to complete the first day pumping every 2 hours (as suggested on Ask Lenore, for the first 48 hours) and 3 hours at night. The night pumping was definitely the worst! I am exhausted! There’s a reason that most people don’t go back to work with a newborn!

The first day, I was able to pump ~1oz of yellow-ish fluid (which seemed to be colostrum?) The second day I only pumped drops at every pumping session, and didn’t have enough to save anything. Today, the third day, I have already collected over 2oz, and the fluid is definitely more white/milk-looking. I was able to pump 5 times over the course of today, and will pump one more time in the middle of the night. All the pumps were not evenly spaced out, but I do the best that I can with work!

Hopefully I keep increasing the flow!