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We had our latest check-up yesterday.

Our surro’s cervical length remains stable (2.9cm yesterday) and has actually increased in length by .1cm at each subsequent visit since our 20 week scan.

We go back in for another appointment in 2 weeks for a growth scan, and of course another cervical length measurement.

Babies still look good, and have remained stable in their personalities: sleepy and calm Baby Girl A, mover and shaker Baby Boy B.

As for an update on the lactation induction: I am still on the meds. My breasts have definitely increased a cup size (and I think there’s more growth to come before all is said and done). My nipples are tender, and the breasts themselves are tender, but still “fluffy”.

I have purchased breast pads (to protect from leakage) and have purchased new bras, which fit better, as well as sleeping bras (to also protect from leakage!).

I still plan to start pumping between 28-30 weeks, but have not yet fully decided. I am currently planning to “look into” renting a pump at about the 28-week mark. So we’ll see!