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(I will be talking about boobs in this post, so you have been warned!)

I’m still in the meds stage of the process, but my boobs have definitely changed.

They started out sore and heavy feeling, and definitely increased in size in the first month. They started out pretty dense, as well.

Now they are still sore and heavy feeling, but feel very “spongy”; that’s the best way I can think to describe it. They are just soft and fluffy feeling. I’m hoping that’s what they are supposed to feel like!

I know I’m supposed to start pumping 6 weeks before their due date, but as we expect them to come ~1month earlier, I am questioning when I should start.

I have emailed Lenore Goldfarb about whether it is more important to continue with meds as long as possible, or start pumping sooner rather than later; I’ll let you know what I find out!

Last minute edition:

So I drafted this blog before our big appointment on Monday. But “something” happened  later that evening….

After we got home, I went back to our registry to make sure we had an even number of boys and girls things! A little while later, as we sat down to dinner, I noticed that my nipples felt cold and wet. I didn’t think much of it, until later when I noticed that they were LEAKING!! What they heck?!

I swear I read somewhere that women who are inducing lactation will not leak…and that’s when they’re actually in the “lactating” phase. I’m still on birth control! But it does give me hope that I will be successful, and I’m not feeling as stressed out about the timing of when I start pumping.

I also found this on the asklenore.info website, which tells me I need to try to plan pumping at least 1 month before our babies are “due”; I just wish we didn’t have so much guessing at this point!

I am currently planning to potentially start pumping at week 28-ish, as that will give me 4 weeks until week 32, and hopefully longer!

In the meantime, I’m going to be purchasing a pair of breast pads so I don’t have any embarrassing moments in public!