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It was a pretty great appointment. Both babies are healthy, and the placenta previa is completely gone! Woohoo!

And the big news:

20 Week Scan

One of each!

I was so hoping for this, and bonus! I was totally right about each baby’s gender after the 12 weeks scan!

Again, Baby A (Girl) slept through all of her measurements, and would not budge when the tech tried to get her to move! She already seems like a mini-me. My mom told me I pretty much slept through the entirety of my infancy!Β She is measuring at 19w6d (actual 20w2d); she is our petite baby.

Baby B (Boy) continues to be our mover and shaker. The tech also had difficulty getting his measurements because he wouldn’t stop moving! (How does Baby A sleep through that? πŸ™‚ He is measuring at 20w4d; just look at his head in the photo!

They are so cute! (In my [biased] opinion πŸ™‚

When we met with the doctor, she told us that everything looked good, and that the previa is completely gone. BUT, our surro’s cervix is measuring at 2.7cm, and they prefer 3cm. So our surro will go in for another cervical measurement in 1 week to reassess. I’m hoping bed rest won’t be necessary!

*Fingers Crossed!!*