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Last week was a really crappy week all around (personally, as well as nationally), but I think things have finally started to turn the corner (at least personally!)

First of all, I finally got the right birth control prescriptions! Yay! So that is back on track.

Secondly, I am currently in love with our OB and her practice! Our surro recommended that I talk to the doc about everything, since she didn’t feel that she could really convey to me all the details. When I called the office, I explained the situation. They told me “No problem” about getting my questions answered, and then asked me for her date of birth. I had a slight panic moment, as I had NO IDEA what her DOB was while sitting in my car, after work, distraught, just after finding out about our new diagnosis. They again said, “no problem” and were able to use her full name, and my name (which was in her record) and got my info back to the MA who called me right back.

And then the doc herself got back to me today (Sunday) and answered the rest of my questions.

I feel much less segregated knowing I can get the info I want from the OB without questions asked. AND they are so nice to me! 🙂

Thirdly, our surro texted me about meeting up next weekend. So we will be going to dinner next Sunday night! I am so looking forward to it!

I have also decided to write a letter to our surro, and give it to her at that meeting. As hard as I know this whole situation has been on me, I know it has also been so hard on her. Here she went into this process with her own preconceptions of how it would go. Her, having had 2 “easy” pregnancies and deliveries, how could she imagine having all these complications creeping up along the way.

We also expect that she will likely have to undergo bedrest at some point (fingers crossed that she does not!) so we will also give her an Amazon Gift Card, in case she becomes “bored” on a computer at some point… 😉

In other news, we bought our babies their first Christmas gifts; gender neutral of course! 🙂



P.S. In case you can’t tell…We’re in the Timber’s Army 🙂