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You may have guessed from the title of this post, that we have a new diagnosis with our pregnancy: Placenta Previa.

Our surro experienced some bleeding last night, and called the on-call OB right away. They told her to call in the morning and set up an appointment for the next day. She called in and had her ultrasound scheduled for 2pm.

The ultrasound and doc appointment showed that she has complete placenta previa. And here we thought Baby A was our well behaved baby!

The bleeding has stopped, thank goodness, but it was definitely an emotional afternoon for me!

First of all, I don’t usually carry my cell phone with me at work (I work on the floor of a rehab unit, and am pretty busy between 8am-5pm, besides which, we don’t have very good reception in our building.) I was planning to start carrying my phone after 20 weeks, thinking nothing too exciting would happen until then!

So my poor surro was unable to reach me until after I got off work!

I was hit particularly hard by this, not only due to the fear I felt for our babies’ and our surro’s health, but because it was just one more thing causing me to feel so segregated from the whole pregnancy. I was so looking forward to this upcoming appointment next week (which has now been cancelled because our surro already went in for a “check-up”), so we don’t have another appointment for a whole month!

We will still probably find out the genders at the next appointment, but I still feel like I’m missing out on most everything, even though I am so much more involved than I could be!

Again, this process is just so hard! What I wouldn’t give to be the housing unit for our little babies. But I am oh so grateful that we have a wonderful surrogate providing us with this awesome gift.

Stay healthy and keep growing babies. We love you!!