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I have given a lot of thought to inducing lactation. I have read a lot about the process, technically, and through other people’s experiences. I have read that it is hard, time consuming, and not always successful. I have wondered if it might be too stressful and complicated to even attempt, but I know in my heart I would regret it if I didn’t even give it a fair shot.

I have wanted to give myself the best chance possible, by starting as early as I could, but I was worried about starting too early, just in case…I was also hesitant about asking my PCP about getting the needed prescriptions, as I’m not sure how helpful he would be with my request. I wasn’t even sure he was the right person to contact, to be honest!

Now that we are quickly approaching the 12-week mark, I had been feeling a bit more anxious about getting this process started, so I pulled the trigger, and emailed my doc. Unfortunately, he responded back about not being familiar with this process, but he would “ask around” the facility to see if anyone else had more familiarity…

So now I’m feeling anxious, and I haven’t even started yet! I’m hopeful that he will get back to me soon, so I can start this thing going.

Our next appointment (including an ultrasound) is on the 20th; we will be 12w3d! Here’s hoping the doc gets back to me, and I can get started on the inducing lactation train!