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We had our first appointment with our surro’s OB, Dr. S. I think it went pretty well, even if we didn’t get to see, or hear, our babies!

We started out with a little appointment with an LPN giving us a brief rundown of “what to expect when expecting”. It was interesting information (to know in the future when my friends are pregnant), but I was hoping they would go into more detail about what to expect with twins…since I know some of the things are a bit different. She did give us a little folder with additional information, so I will be going through that later.

Next up, we met Dr. S, and she was super nice, and has experience with twins, and even surrogacy! Score! She said everything looked good with our surro (Blood pressure and heart), and that since we had an ultrasound so recently, we can wait for another 4 weeks for another…to which I thought, silently… “:( But can’t we do one now?!”

I think I’m just being an overanxious momma. If I had my way, I’d try to see the babies everyday! It’s just so hard to be patient! And I can’t help but worry that something is happening to them in there. Darn you too much internet research!!

I’m trying to stay confident and optimistic, and frankly, I know there would likely be nothing we could do if something were wrong with the little ones at this point, so I might as well just “enjoy it”. My friends have encouraged me to stay positive and “enjoy it”, although I’m sure they were just as worried then as I am now! 😛

While we were driving to and from our getaway this past week, I went ahead and got excited, and read a book about twins. Why not!?

I might as well ENJOY IT as much as I can! 🙂

8w3d today

In other news: It was my (30th) birthday yesterday, and my sister posted on Facebook today, “Happy belated bday, and congrats on the twins!”


I think I caught it within just a few minutes of it being posted (thankfully) and deleted the message (and emailed her right away to explain why…she is only 19, so I don’t think she understands…and the intention was good), but who knows who saw it! Eeks! I haven’t even figured out how I’m going to “present” the information on Facebook when I am ready! Guess I better start brainstorming!