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Our surro texted me yesterday (Friday) to say that she had had a little “spotting” starting around 2pm-ish, and that she had called the RE, who wasn’t too worried, but wanted her to come in today (Saturday) for an ultrasound to check on things. She later texted to say that the spotting had slowed down quite a bit, by 4pm.

I was, of course, was very worried, and wanted to be there for the ultrasound (as did my husband J) so we both made it to the appointment this morning at 9am.

But so far so good. Still 2 little embryos, and 2 cute little heart beats, this time at 142bpm and 144bpm; so they continue to get stronger.

The RE said there might be a little bit of an SCH on the far side of Baby B’s sac, but she didn’t seem too worried about it.

So , we got some peace of mind, but of course we still worry!

Our first appointment w/ our Surro’s OB will be Oct 23rd, so a little over a week away. Grow little babies grow!