The final verdict…

17 EGGS!!

So we don’t know how many are mature, or how many will fertilize (we will find out tomorrow); but that is a significant improvement over the last time!

Everything went smoothly, including the “prep” with Mag Citrate. I started MUCH earlier this time (1:30pm vs. 5:30pm). The action didn’t start until about 5-5:30pm, which was a little faster than last time, but I also ate much less beforehand, to keep it as easy as possible! All said and done, I was “done” and ready for bed by 10:30pm, and was fast asleep by 11pm!

We woke up not so bright, but early at 5:45am, took a quick shower, and I got dressed in my comfiest clothes. We arrived to the clinic a little before 7:00am, and were called to the back a few minutes later.

I had a whole new set of medical professionals this time (although I had worked with this MD a couple of times in the past for stim checks), including a new (to me) anesthesiologist. He made me a little nervous at first, but at least he let me tell him where to place the IV (right hand was a winner today!), although he did accidentally jab me one extra time while placing the IV. But, no harm, no foul, and my anesthetic experience during the procedure went quite well.

Now, maybe I have selectively forgotten some things from the last cycle (J seems to think so, anyway) but I feel like I have had more cramping this go around (which makes sense with all the extra follicles/eggs/ovarian size) especially during the stimulation phase, and I also seemed to have a bit more pain during the procedure, and now after, a bit more pain…but I should be ok with this Vicodin!

Anyway, everyone in the room seemed to think the procedure went very smoothly, and I apparently wasn’t as drowsy as they expected. And I was awake the whole time, again!

I had J take a video of the actual egg retrieval, since I can’t ever see it from my position on the table, but here it is if anyone is curious to see what it looks like with the needle penetrating those follicles. (There is no sound, so don’t try turning up your speakers! 🙂