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Well, my estrogen level must have come back ok, because we’re staying on schedule for a retrieval THIS cycle!

They were able to see 2 follicles on Righty (the one that was beat up during my appendix rupture) and 4 good sized follicles (and some smaller ones) on Lefty!

It’s still not as many as I would “like”, but I have a feeling this is about as good as it gets for my body, so what can you do?!

I go in again for my (hopefully) final monitoring appointment on Saturday, with Trigger probably Sunday (?) night, and egg retrieval Tuesday (?) We’ll see!

In other, not so happy news…My stupid pharmacy sent me the wrong med for my trigger, and may be charging me a “co-pay” to send me the right one…Really?! You wanna rip off with a hormonal woman who is already low on $$??? And on top of that, it’s Wednesday, and I might need it by Sunday. Oh, and I already had a horrible experience when they sent me my meds in the first place (Major FedEx Fail!)…

Yeah, not the time to push my buttons…