Just when things seem like they’re moving along, something has to come around and upset it.

I had my first follow-up appointment since starting stims on Friday, and it didn’t go as swimmingly as we had anticipated…

The Doc performing the exam seemed wonderfully knowledgeable about MRKH (pretty much the first time ever that has happened!) He was also able to find my ovaries, not very easily, but he found them!

The bad news was, he was only able to count ~5 follicles…FIVE!? Oh boy.

He said he would be consulting with the rest of the team to discuss my case, but they might end up cancelling this cycle, and starting over again next month…


I waited around anxiously all day for the “next step”. To be honest, I was pretty down about it. I’m very anxious to finish with “my part”; get these eggs out of me, so we can move on! To embryo transfers, to pregnancy, to babies! I don’t want to wait 1 more month; I want it done NOW!!

I finally heard back from our coordinator by email after work, I am to increase my dosage of Menopur from 2 vials of powder to 3 vials, and keep my Follistim dosage the same. They will see me back Wednesday for another check-in.

Well…I don’t know exactly what that means, but I guess we’re still keeping on the same track…at least for now.

We’ll see what Wednesday brings!